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The Convergence Story

The dream of starting a firm like Convergence began more than 20 years ago with two former college roommates starting their first political jobs in Washington, DC.  Standing around a pool table in a house they shared with two friends from college, Rob and Mike dreamed about what it would be like to be political consultants, to have a firm of their own, and to help conservative Republican candidates and causes try to make the country and world a little bit better.  

Founded in 2017, Rob and Mike started Convergence to help clients win elections, solve problems and market themselves a little differently than other firms and agencies in the marketplace.  Having worked with party committees for years, Rob and Mike have worked with — and hired — most consultants, media firms and digital agencies in Republican politics.  They’ve helped referee arguments between consultants.  And they’ve helped elected officials negotiate or renegotiate contracts with vendors.  They wanted to do things differently — and are.

Convergence creates unique content that tells our clients’ stories and helps them win big. Just like every story is different, so too are the advertising plans each client needs to help them succeed. Every successful plan starts with a data-driven strategy to help inform and execute our clients’ goals. Convergence utilizes our world-class digital and data infrastructure to create efficient and effective marketing, advertising, and campaign plans to tell our clients’ stories by engaging every available advertising medium and platform to target your audience. 

The dream that started around a pool table, and the vision that was perfected through years of working in party committees, is now Convergence — a leading advertising, marketing, and consulting agency.  In six short years we’ve helped elect Governors, Senators and Members of Congress, advised Fortune 500 companies through complex regulatory and communications challenges, and worked with dozens of clients in 48 states and all over the world.

Our Wins

Convergence is a seasoned team of experts. Nothing good happens without a plan. To bring this plan to life we marry data and a unique storytelling approach to do one thing — win.

Won 28 awards for creative content

Won 12 awards for digital strategy and fundraising

Raised more than $15 million online for our clients in 2020

Built email and text message lists by more than 2 million subscribers across all our clients in the 2020 cycle

Worked in 48 states

Best GOP Online Fundraising Program in 2019 (GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy)