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Our Wins

Convergence has a proven track record of flipping seats and winning tough races. A few highlights include:

In the most expensive congressional race in US history, Convergence served as the lead strategy, media, and digital firm for Karen Handel’s victory over Jon Ossoff. Even though Ossoff outspent Handel, Convergence created targeted TV, web, and radio ads that resonated with voters in Georgia’s 6th congressional District.

In 2018, Convergence helped Florida Governor Ron DeSantis climb the polls and claim victory. After two biographical television ads aired statewide, Governor DeSantis took the lead and never lost it.

In Florida’s 26th district, our team flipped the highly competitive seat serving as Representative Gimenez’s media and digital team to help defeat incumbent Debbie Mucarsel-Powell. As Gimenez’s opponents aired negative attack ads, Convergence created ads that emphasized Gimenez’s authenticity and commitment to service, like Great Partners, which was shot at a local donut shop in Miami. Rep. Gimenez now represents the most Democrat-leaning congressional district held by a Republican in America (D+6) according to the Cook Political Report.

Victory Map


AAPC Pollie 2023 Awards:

  • Television – Independent Expenditure Campaign – U.S. House of Representatives – National Gold – NRCC WI-03 “What the Pfaff”
  • Television – Bilingual/Multilingual/ Foreign Language – National Gold – Mayra Flores “Mi Vida”
  • Television – Bilingual/Multilingual/ Foreign Language – National Silver – Carlos Gimenez “American Dream SPA”
  • Television – For Special Election – U.S. House of Representatives – National Silver – Mayra Flores “My Father”
  • Radio – Best Use of Humor – National Silver – Jeremy Oden – “Always Totin’”
  • Digital Advertising – Best Use of Digital Advertising for Acquisition – National Bronze – “How To” Find Your Polling Location
  • Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda – Best Use of Television – National Bronze – Allan Fung “Ask The People”

Campaigns & Elections 2023 Reed Awards:

  • Overall Best TV Ad
  • Best Biographical TV Ad (Republican)
  • Best Sound Design in a TV Ad – Republican
  • Best TV Ad – 30 Seconds (Republican)
  • Most Original TV Ad
  • Best Spanish Language TV Ad (Republican)
  • Best TV Ad for IE – House/Senate (Republican)
  • Best TV Ad for Special Election – Republican
  • Best TV Ad for State Legislative – Republican
  • Best Online Advertising Creative – Republican

AAPC Pollie 2022 Awards:

  • Television – Public Affairs/Issue Advocacy Division – National Gold – “Spending Spree”
  • Most Original/Innovative Collateral Material – Republican Gold – “Limpin’ Ain’t Easy” Merchandise
  • Overall – Public Affairs/Issue Advocacy Division – Best PAC Campaign – Bronze Infrastructure Campaign

Campaigns & Elections 2022 Reed Awards:

  • Best TV Ad for Public Affairs – Economic Policy – Republican – “Golden Years”
  • Best Online Video – 30 Seconds or Under (Republican) – “Publicity Stunt”
  • Best Online Video – 2 Minutes or Under (Republican) – “My Texas”
  • Best Biographical Online Video – “My Texas”

AAPC Pollie 2021 Awards:

  • AAPC 40 Under 40 – Tom Newhouse
  • Regional Candidate Division – Television – For Governor – Silver – Parson for Missouri “Challenges”
  • Regional Candidate Division – Television – For Governor – Bronze – Parson for Missouri “Quarterback”

Campaigns & Elections 2021 Reed Awards:

  • Best Spanish Language TV Ad (Republican) – Carlos Gimenez “Great Partner”
  • Best TV Ad for Gubernatorial Campaign – Mike Parson “Challenges”

AAPC Pollie 2020 Awards:

  • Phones – Best Use of Automated SMS Fundraising – Silver – McCarthy for Congress

Campaigns & Elections 2020 Reed Awards:

  • Best Online Fundraising Program – Republican – Kevin McCarthy
  • Best Online Video for Gubernatorial Campaign – Mike Parson for Governor
  • Best Online Video – Longform – Republican – Nick Freitas
  • Best Campaign Launch Video – Republican – Nick Freitas

AAPC Pollie 2019 Awards:

  • Television – Candidate Division – Independent Expenditure Campaign – U.S. Senate – Silver – NRSC IE (ND)
  • The One That Got Away – Best use of Television – Bronze – The Committee for Allan Fung
  • Television – Candidate Division – For State Legislature – Gold – Bob Antonocci

Campaigns & Elections 2019 Reed Awards:

  • Most Original TV Ad – Republican
  • Best Web Video – 30 Seconds or Under – Republican
  • Best Use of Humor in a TV Ad – Republican
  • Best Radio Ad for a Congressional Campaign

AAPC Pollie 2018 Awards:

  • Campaign of the Year – Republican – Karen Handel
  • Digital/Internet – Candidate Division – Internet Advertising – Special Election – U.S. House of Representatives – Silver – Karen Handel for Congress
  • Television – Candidate Division – Best Use of Personality or Celebrity – Bronze – Karen Handel “Front Line”

Campaigns & Elections 2018 Reed Awards:

  • Best Use of Voice-Over Talent in a Radio Ad
  • Best Bare-Knuckled Street Fight Victory
  • Best TV Ad for Republican Special Election Candidate
  • Best Use of Online Targeting for Congressional Campaign

AAPC 2013 Campaign Excellence Award for Most Valuable Player of the Year – Mike Shields

“As a first time candidate for office, it was critical for me to have a firm that could tell my story in a way that cut through the clutter against a field of 'experienced' politicians and activists. Convergence produced very creative, precisely targeted television, digital and radio advertising that helped me go from a virtually unknown local doctor to winning a competitive primary and being a member of Congress today. I don’t think I could have won without their creativity, their hard-work, counsel and friendship.”
Dr. John Joyce
Member of Congress (13th District)