Alexandria, VA — Around a pool table twenty years ago, two college roommates came up with the concept of Convergence. Partners Mike Shields and Rob Simms wanted to help their clients win big and they have done just that. Their concept came to life in February 2017 and Convergence has not stopped expanding, with a staff of nearly 40 team members now. Our team has worked with over 50 clients on hundreds of projects and races. Since our founding five years ago, we’ve grown from a boutique political advertising startup into a full-service consultancy firm. You can learn more about our creative, digital, advertising, public affairs, and strategic communications services here

In the most expensive Congressional race in US history, Convergence served as the lead strategy, media, and digital firm for Karen Handel’s victory over Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s 6th district. In 2018, Convergence helped Governor Ron DeSantis climb the polls and claim victory. After two biographical television ads aired statewide, Governor DeSantis took the lead and never lost it.

Our team has also flipped highly competitive seats like FL-26, where Convergence served as the media and digital team for Congressman Carlos Gimenez to help defeat incumbent Debbie Mucarsel-Powell. As Congressman Gimenez’s opponents aired negative attack ads, Convergence created ads that emphasized his authenticity and commitment to service, like Great Partners, which was shot at a local donut shop in Miami. At the 2021 Reed Awards, Convergence was honored to receive Best Spanish Language TV Ad for our work with Congressman Gimenez on Great Partners.

Over the past 5 years, our digital team has added 26 team members who have sent over 707,000 slack messages brainstorming and strategizing for our clients. Our digital team has clicked send on over 1.076 billion emails and 703 million text messages to bolster fundraising efforts. During the 2020 cycle, the digital team built email and text message lists by more than 2 million subscribers across our clients. Their work won 16 awards for digital strategy and fundraising and 23 awards for creative content.

From a tattoo parlor in Chicago, to a forest fire in Oregon, to a boat in the Florida Keys, our production team has captured our clients’ stories in an authentic and compelling way and has won 13 awards for their innovative videos. To get the perfect shot, we maneuvered drones to get a bird’s eye view of big cities and small towns. Our staff mounted GoPros to vans, trucks, quads, tractors, and boats to get action shots of our clients in their home states. Our team has traveled to 48 states, shooting at cattle farms, historic paper mills, gun ranges, factories, and everything in between. From commercials to testimonials, we have worked with top-notch actors, candidates, volunteers, and even one of our staff’s 6-week-old son.

Convergence has advised Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, as well as clients around the globe to execute their strategic visions and accomplish their goals. Our firm was hired to provide strategic consulting services and advice to help finalize one of the largest corporate mergers in American telecommunications history. Whether our clients are running for elected office or expanding and improving their business, Convergence creates tailor-made strategies to help our clients win.

Convergence continues to work hand in hand with our clients to propel their message forward as Republicans aim to take back the House and Senate in 2022.