Digital isn’t just a box for us to check. It’s a critical component of every single campaign we run. Our fundraising, strategy, and marketing teams are ready to take on the biggest challenges — and surpass expectations.


creative that cuts through the clutter

If you’re looking for cookie-cutter creative, you’re in the wrong place. Our team specializes in developing unique creative that stands out from the crowd — and packs a punch.



Veterans of dozens of statewide, congressional and local campaigns, we've seen it all, and won. Let us help your campaign navigate the obvious and hidden challenges of running for public office.

Convergence Media joined my team when I needed them most and were a crucial part of our victory. They helped tell my story on television in a compelling way that resonated with voters and had a huge impact. They also used targeted digital advertising to reach key voters - some of whom had been displaced as Election Day approached. Without Convergence Media’s help, I’m not sure I would have been elected Governor – they are the team you want on your side in a tough race.
— Florida Governor Ron DeSantis