Mike Shields


CNN Political Commentator Mike Shields brings to Convergence more than 20 years of strategic experience at the highest levels of campaigns, Capitol Hill and influential outside groups. 

Shields served as Chief of Staff to the Republican National Committee in 2013-2014, overseeing the reform and build-out of a $175 million data and ground operation that led to the historic victory in 2016. 

Most recently Shields served as the President of Congressional Leadership Fund – a 527 “SuperPAC” – that focuses on electing Republicans to Congress. In 2016 CLF raised a record $50 million and went 29-3 in the 32 house races it played in. 

Shields also brings a depth of policy and management experience, having served as President of American Action Network, a 501c4 issue advocacy organization. 

Prior to these posts Shields served as the Political Director and Independent Expenditure Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee. As IE Director in the historic 2010 congressional victory, Shields oversaw an operation that put up over 140 separate TV ads in 63 districts. 

The American Association of Political Consultants recognized Shields’ expertise by naming him the 2012 election’s “Most Valuable Player” for his leadership in creating a messaging program to defend House Republicans. 

Shields career began in earnest when he became the Political Communications Director to then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich. He also served as Chief of Staff to Congressman Dave Reichert of Washington State, helping steer him to upset victories in 2006 and 2008. 

Born in the United States on a U.S. Air Force Base to an American father and British mother, Clyde and Wendy, Shields moved with his family to Great Britain as a child where he lived for 10 years. Understanding – and translating – the British political scene and the consequences of Brexit is a passion for Shields, as is helping to decode American politics for his British colleagues.

Shields lives in Alexandria, Virginia, with his wife Katie and his son Aidan.