(Alexandria, VA) Convergence Media’s Vice President of Digital Marketing Tom Newhouse discussed emerging Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology with Fox & Friends First and Axios. Watch the clip and read the story below:

How AI is already changing the 2024 election
By Sophia Cai

Artificial intelligence is already affecting the 2024 election in ways that could reshape how campaigns are run and how voters are informed — or misled.

Why it matters: There are no rules for using AI in politics. Operatives in both parties are tapping the technology to identify donors and voters more efficiently — and to create photos and videos that reveal the potential risks of “deepfake” messages that could fool voters.

“If 2008 and 2012 were the Facebook elections, this will be the AI election — but it’ll be massively more disruptive,” said Tom Newhouse, vice president of digital marketing at Convergence Media, a Republican firm that uses AI.

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